Sunday, April 23, 2017

What's happening in April 2017

Been away.
That much is clear.

A change is coming, though, and I'd like to get back to blogging - mainly for my original purpose, that it will be " a stab in the gut of forgetfulness".  So much of life melts away and is forgotten. This week I had trouble remembering if Maggie, whom I LOVED, slept on my bed when she was healthy.  I don't think she did, I think she slept on a little blue pillow on the floor in my bedroom, but initially I just couldn't clearly remember where she slept.  So, anyway, here we go again with me writing down whatever daily things come to mind.  Not writing for an audience, I'm writing for the sheer fun of writing and to help me keep the little pieces of life that I want to keep.

This week Steve, Grace, and I will be moving to a new, slightly smaller house.  Also Parker (Grace's dog), Nudge, and Sokka (two cats) will be moving with us.  Right now this house is piled about with boxes, and all the shelves and drawers are empty.  It's been quite a job, and I am feeling the stress of having the MOVE plus all the unpacking looming over me.  However, I'm also abundantly thankful for the zillion blessings that are incumbant in this move.  Looking forward to : simplifying life, creating a lovely and peaceful homespace, living right in front of a giant forest that is conservation land owned by the town, having this gargantuan chore of packing and moving and then cleaning over.

Brief update, of a historical nature:

Steve is just finishing tax season and is fully into golf season.  He's now a member at two golf courses.  Last night we went to an opening-the-course event for members.  Great food, including lobster claws, shrimp, cheese, and a chocolate fountain.  Nice people.  And I danced, with two women that I don't know plus a couple of line dances.  The dj played Mustang Sally, so of course I couldn't just sit there in my chair like a bump on a log, could I?  No.

Molly and Rayne and Joi live two hours away in a shelter.  This is a constant source of stress for me, because Molly is depressed, hiding from what she needs to do, and doesn't answer my texts very often.  This is also a constant reason for me to lean on the Lord, choose to believe His promises, and seek my peace in Him.

Sophie and Ryan are doing well.  Sophie loves working at the Boys and Girls Club.  She got hired, after her year-long Americorps work, as the Cultural Arts Director.  The only sad thing for them is their dog, Bruno, died at 2 1/2 years old, due to stomach cancer.  THAT was a tough few months, and we all still miss Bruno.  They are trying to adopt a rescue dog now, and I got called just yesterday as a reference for them.

Grace is well, even better than she was a year ago.  She is engaged to Chase, who is a very nice young man. They are kind and loving to each other, and make my heart happy.  Grace has just this past week decided on a career choice that floats her boat enough to make her willing to pursue it.  She wants to be a Wildlife Rehabilitation Expert (or some such title, that means she would take care of injured wildlife.)  I'm happy that she has found something, and I think she'd be an excellent one of those.  She could try for an internship somewhere, or get her BS in Biology first.  She's still pondering those options, but at least she has a dream now.  She graduated from high school a year ago and up till now did not have enough interest in anything to be willing to study for it or fight for it.  I am enjoying her big dog, Parker, until she and Chase get married.  Steve is NOT enjoying Paker, and is counting the months until he moves out.

My mom is doing well.  She'll be 77 next week, and she still works part-time at Kohl's.  In fact, they love her at Kohl's so much that they call her in to work extra, and sometimes one of the managers will specifically ask that my mom be scheduled to work when it's an important job.  That's pretty cool.

Karate is great.  I got my fourth-degree black belt almost a year ago, and still love teaching and studying kenpo.  Over the past two years I've had some ups and downs due to arthritis in my right hip, but it's been definitely on the upswing over the past year.  Two things have changed:  1) I've learned not to do LOTS of kicks in a row, because that aggravates the arthritis and 2) I've started taking some excellent natural supplements (Plexus products) that reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar, and help me to be generally much more healthy and energetic.  So, that's all good, considering that I'm 54 years old.

Over and out, blogosphere.

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